100,000-Year-Old Submerged Pyramid Was Discovered Near Azores Isles

This discovery was made by a skipper of a trawler and as you can already tell from the title it already became one of the most substantial discoveries of our generation, to say the least.

The discovery in itself was made somewhere alongside the coast of the Azores Isles by complete accident if you can believe that.

The skipper was literally just randomly scanning the sea hoping to capture some interesting aquatic life underwater when he spotted the fact that massive symmetric structures were all down below him.

After further research, he spotted the fact that it wasn’t a series of small structures but all fragments of the same massive pyramid-like structure.

He discerned the fact that it must be over 100,000 years old by now and if that weren’t enough, he also declared happily that it is most likely just one part of a massive metropolis.

This pyramid must have broken off in ancient times most likely because of the Great Flood.

It is very similar to the one in Guatemala but again, it is way bigger and way older, to say the least.

Most experts agree that it appears to be amongst the oldest structures we’ve ever come across and since it is so old, we cannot actually tell who could have built it, to begin with.

Who do you think was intelligent and skilled enough to create such an amazing structure 100,000 years ago? Could it be aliens all along? Let us know what you think personally.

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