“Aliens Are Actually Advanced Robots That Have Destroyed Their Creators”

Humanity has no idea what aliens are like. Many hypotheses have arisen about this, but one, in particular, has ignited some discussion. Might it be that robots have annihilated their creators?

Robots that have annihilated their creators? Aliens: A New Hypothesis

Susan Schneider is a leading proponent of the alien robot theory.

For years, scientists have been looking for signs of extraterrestrial existence all over the universe. With an open mind, anticipating every biological form.

However, a recent theory proposes expanding our boundaries much further and approaching it from a different angle. What if aliens turned out to be robots?

While controversial, other scientists and experts have endorsed the idea that aliens may be artificial intelligence. Assuring that this is a very real possibility.

Robots from another planet.

Lord Rees, a British astronomer, believes it is a foregone conclusion. He believes that aliens are machines that have annihilated their makers.

Lord Martin Rees, the British Chief Astronomer Royal, revealed that he thinks aliens are robots and that he envisions a future in which artificial beings can destroy their organic creators.

Lord Rees also means that the aliens will soon be in the vicinity of humans. Taking over the world from those who created it. Susan Schneider, a philosophy professor at the University of Connecticut, confirmed the same view.

Seth Shostak is the NASA Director of SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence). NASA astrobiologist Paul Davies and Stephen Dick, President of the Library of Congress for Astrobiology

Humans can be threatened by robots.

They also joined forces with the University of Connecticut to defend the notion that artificial intelligence is the dominant force in the Universe.

A threat to mankind.

Schneider explains why artificial alien life forms may be influential in his article “Alien Minds: The Minds of Aliens,” which was published by NASA.

Similarly, Shostak claimed that “many people have a stereotype of aliens as biological beings.” This, however, loses sense over time. If we receive an extraterrestrial signal, it must be from artificial life, according to hundreds of astronomers.

Lord Martin Rees, 74, claims that human-like extraterrestrials are unlikely to be detected. Identifying organic intelligence as a schism between the primordial phases of life and the dominant age of machines.

Stephen Hawking also cautioned that we could not wait too long for aliens to reach Earth. It is worth noting that Artificial Intelligence has the ability to outperform humans in any way.

In an interview at Trinity College, Hawking also stated:

“My guess is that if an extraterrestrial intelligence is discovered, it would not be like us at all, but rather an automated agent or something.”

Extraterrestrial life is most likely descended from cultures that existed millions of years ago. Could they really be a threat to mankind in our world or another?

Source: UFO Spain

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