Ancient Laser Cut Caves Were Discovered In India

We recently wrote about Kailash, an impressive and mostly unexplained ancient temple…

that sits quietly in India, a temple built out of solid rock with such precision… Even now, it’s an accomplishment we’d fail to replicate with such vision and precision.

Clearly showing ancient high technology that has been forgotten over centuries.

Is it likely that this temple was built by a much older community of people?

Within many contemporary fields of research, a relic of a much more advanced culture than that which academia would enable us to openly address.

Another collection of rock-cut features can be found within the Barabar and Nagarjuna hills of India’s Jehanabad district.

6 crudely carved caves carved into large stones that clutter the surrounding hillsides may be viewed as primitive and probably more recent efforts to re-create what can be seen on the top of the hill.

The Lomas Rishi cave, built into a large rock, is the only one of the many in the region that reveals a degree of sophistication that is simply mind-boggling.

The only cave in the area with a delicately cut entrance as well as an interior that seems to have been sheltered from the elements and is completely maintained in its original condition.


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