Ancient Underwater Alien Civilization Discovered in The Siberian Water – And It Seems That Russia Is Hiding It

As they were inspecting a recent series of disappearances from Siberia, two experts came across undeniable proof of the fact that an ancient race called the “swimmers” are to blame after all.

As strange as this may seem, Paul Stonehill and Phillip Mantle reported having come across actual proof of this as they began studying the disappearances.

First off, they came across a series of artifacts which all point towards the beings having been living underwater since ancient times. They even believe that they could be the mythical siren creatures that are oftentimes referred in old mythological texts.

Second, off they began interviewing the locals, thus uncovering the fact that the eyewitnesses had all spotted the same creatures abducting the people and drowning them underwater.

They are carnivorous beasts that most prey on humans, although they can go on for long periods of time without human flesh too.

Most of the specimens that were spotted appeared to be around 10 feet tall and they appeared intelligent too as they wore silver clothing and they showcased the ability to discuss with one another telekinetically.

Since they were discovered so close to the Bermuda Triangle, the two researchers believe that they might actually be the culprits for the disappearances around there too.

Sadly however their research couldn’t go on for much longer as the Russian government decided to shut it all down, presumably for leaking too much sensitive info.

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