Antarctica breakthrough: Strange-Looking creatures ‘like nothing seen before’ discovered below ice

“The Secrets of Antarctica” is set to be released on YouTube documenting the journey of one John Mitchell and his 50-day voyage across the Southern Ocean. Their mission is simple yet anything but easy to accomplish as they set out to explore the frozen continent in its entirety.

Through the use of their top of the line Aegis Imaging System they hope to effectively capture new pictures of the unchartered “alien” world that is the Antarctic Ocean.

Their mission is set to plunge directly into this foreign world altogether as they have already stated that within the first couple of days, they already uncovered several new bizarre creatures at the bottom of the sea that live in perpetual darkness.

These creatures are by far the most bizarre living creatures ever discovered on this planet, they’re downright alien looking to say the least.

The icy conditions here wouldn’t allow for any other creatures to inhabit the waters here so every single creature they come across here has specifically evolved to live here so they’re unique to say the least.

This is literally akin to the first Moonwalk, as the experts are hoping to get the first look at these creatures that the world seems to have forgotten about.

Creatures such as the Antarctic Toothfish or the Snailfish are said to be amongst the highlights of this documentary so definitely stay tuned if you want to find out more about it.

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