Astronomers and Scientists Were Freaked Out Over This Strange Alien Mega-structure

This is by far the strangest discovery we’ve come across in a while as what appears to be a massive, literally unexplainable pattern of lights seems to have completely surrounded a distant star from our system.

This took the world by storm back in 2012 as nobody knew what was happening. Lots of theories emerged right off the bat but the strange thing is that nobody was actually able to explain it without mentioning aliens, to say the least.

NASA attempted to claim this as just another natural phenomenon that we don’t fully understand as of yet but this is still baseless to this day.

The star in question is known as KIC 8462852 and as far as we know it it’s situated around 1,500 light-years away from us in between the Cygnus and Lyre constellations.

Jason Wright first brought up the fact that we could be witnessing an alien takeover as the lights seemingly just showed up out of nowhere just to completely surround the system and leave no visibility to the star anymore.

The Kepler Space Telescope captured it at first but ever since then experts have been unable to actually discern whether this is a natural event or not, to say the least.

One of the most famous statements came from Phil Plait himself, as he claimed that this is most definitely something along the lines of a takeover and that for the most part, this cannot be natural.

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