Bizarre Alien Being With Conical Head Recorded On The Surface Of Mars

This strange alien being was captured on camera by the Curiosity not too long ago which essentially reinvigorated the belief that there is life on Mars after all.

This came to be on the 1151st day on Mars as the Curiosity Rover was studying the nearby rocks when all of a sudden what appears to be a strange humanoid alien being was spotted on the camera.

Although NASA have went on record a multitude of times so far essentially stating that life on Mars is most likely viable despite not having come across any as of yet it should be mentioned that they strangely enough released multiple pictures which prove that there are signs of life on Mars but none as interesting as the one from day 1151st.

So, what is this alien-like anyways? As you can tell from the pictures it seems strangely humanoid to say the least except for the fact that it has a massive conical head on top of its rather slender body.

Experts have also distinguished its eyes, torso, arms, and legs and its protruding chest.

Dr. John Brandenburg presented this in his study “the Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics” in which he declared that this is one specimen from the two races of beings that lived on Mars in ancient times called the Cydonians and the Utopians.

The body essentially was obliterated by two massive nuclear explosions caused either by themselves or another race altogether.

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