“Brinicle” – The Ice Finger of Death Was Recorded In Antarctica

In case you didn’t know already, which you most likely didn’t, a “brinicle” is a natural phenomenon which can be oftentimes observed in extremely cold areas around the world.

It is essentially a snow tornado which instead of pulling you towards it actually turns everything it touches into ice.

For the most part, they form up around areas where the water temperature is less than -1.9C while the air in itself is around -20C. This contrast causes the ice finger of death to emerge, obliterating everything in its sight.

Amazingly enough, although this event is quite rare in itself, we don’t really have all that much footage of them as they disappear in less than five to six hours and are practically untraceable unless you specifically target areas where they have already shown to emerge out of.

This is exactly what cameramen Hugh Miller and Doug Anderson did for the sake of their BBC One series Frozen Planet.

That’s right, they ventured off at Little Razorback Island near Antarctica’s Ross Archipelago essentially putting their lives in danger venturing out into the cold icescapes where multiple brinicles had been reported.

Luckily, they weren’t hurt, quite the contrary actually as their mission was proven a complete and utter success since they captured the following brinicle on camera.

The video in itself showcases just how massive one such natural phenomenon is, and as you can see for yourself it showcases just how deadly mother nature really is at the end of the day.

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