Can subatomic elementary particles have consciousness, just like human beings !?

“Infinity derives from infinity,” remarked famed Romanian ufologist Florin Gheorghiţă in his essay “The lords of the cosmos,” emphasizing that every elementary particle, every subelementary particle, and even every quantum is “informed” permanently, immediately, and instantly about the circumstances outside it.

It’s as if each “micro-entity” had not only its own radar, but also a “information system” through which it “perceives” even existing partners’ “intentions” in adopting a particular attitude!

Infraatomic particles are purposefully equipped without “human traits,” according to physicist Freeman Dyson.

Professor Ilya Prigogine said that the qualities of elementary particles are the same as those seen in living beings.

Scarlat Demetrescu, a Romanian philosopher, declared in his work “From the mysteries of life and the cosmos” that ether is made up of free particles that may be classified into three sorts.

Some people are clever, while others have a special memory, and the majority have the ability to will. As a result, in space and time, there is boundless intelligence.

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