CCTV Shows A Strange Humanoid Creeping Around Like A Crab, Frightening Dogs

On Reddit, footage of a strange creature described as the mythical cryptid “La Mona” or a “ghoul” was uploaded.

The video was recorded on home surveillance cameras in Costa Rica and posted to Reddit by user u/fitthenfat in a thread titled “humanoid encounters,” where members debated whether the figure was a “ghoul” known as “La Mona” or something more mundane.

La Mona is based on the legend of a witchlike woman with a horrifying appearance who stalks people at night, according to legend. She is said to scare anyone who looks at her, as well as cause bruises and cast spells on them.

A disturbing video shows a being with strange “bent legs” hopping around on all fours while being chased by several dogs.

A second dog starts barking urgently in the background as the mysterious thing gets closer to the camera.

People’s views on the subject were divided: some believed it was a monster unknown to science, while others believed it was simply a mutant dog.


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