China Reveals Moon’s Biggest Secret – Extraterrestrial Structures

China has already started to play its cards in space exploration, which is no longer a pipe dream. The People’s Republic of China has demonstrated an advanced space exploration policy that started in 2017 and will culminate in 2022 with the first man landing on Mars.

With the space mission Chang’e 4 (later Chang’e 5) China plans to explore the lunar landscape in the dark portion of the moon and create a permanent base that will serve as a station or intermediary for a future voyage to Mars.

The Chang’e 4’s primary goal is to conduct research on the Moon’s surface in order to construct a foundation. The next objective is to return as much data to Earth as possible.

China has done something that no one else has been able to do, including NASA. That is, to show how the Moon’s dark side appears to the rest of the world. The images are also very unsettling.

To begin with, we all believe the Moon’s surface is bright because NASA’s public imagery and photos show it as such.

Nonetheless, we can see that the Moon’s atmosphere isn’t all that different from our own. The sand is brown and yellowish in color rather than white or grey, as we can see. Why would NASA want to tamper with the photos in the first place? Was it attempting to keep something hidden?

Examine the images below to see if we can discover the answers to those questions. As we can see, the color of the land isn’t the only disturbing feature worth admiring. If we look closely at the photos, we can see an odd phenomenon in the distance.

As we can see, it has certain peculiar characteristics. These structures are well-defined and seem to be out of the ordinary in any way.

Since nature is unpredictably unpredictable and lacks fixed angles and mechanisms, the only possible explanation for such structures is that they belong to an alien race or were created by NASA. What’s holding you back?

If this is the case, the Moon images they display have been distorted. This is the most possible scenario since the structures’ style is far more akin to that of human-built structures, as far as we can tell.

Space-chasing hunter Streetcap1 captured the mysterious structures on video, and we can see them in greater detail on its YouTube channel.



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