Colossal Alien UFOs Passing Near The Sun: For How Long They Can Keep It Secret?

There is a planetary cover-up of the highest order, but for how long they will keep secret the presence of UFOs in space especially if you see huge objects that clearly display solid-looking structures in the vicinity of the sun.

BruceSeesAll will show you some of these giant UFOs flying by the sun that he captured with his telescope in the next video.

Yet it is not only about UFOs near the sun, but also about these spacecrafts being seen periodically near the moon.

The video begins with pictures of UFOs on the moon, lights passing under the haze, objects created on the moon, and how these constructions are concealed, as well as lights leaving the moon’s surface and lights touching the surface of the moon.

It is well known that NASA astronauts and scientists are not permitted to learn about the UFO phenomena, but there are no limitations for amateur astronomers with trained telescopes to show the facts about what is happening in deep space.


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