Crystal Clear Footage Of An Extraterrestrial Being Inside A UFO

Brett is one of us, a believer, and he recently said that the monsters we see in the movie Close Encounters were always real and that CGI was never used to produce them in the first place.

He claims that these animals may not have been CGI’d at the time and, more significantly, that they bear no resemblance to humans.

He claims the government took advantage of this opportunity to familiarize humans with the alien image, and what better way to do so than by introducing them to the Hollywood side of the world.

Another conspiracy theorist fan said that the aliens seen in the film resemble the Grey Aliens stereotype. According to him, the movement patterns and clothing worn by the Grey Aliens in the film are specifically designed for humans, and the Grey Aliens are among the most human-like aliens on the planet.

The video that Brett provided, however, did not persuade anyone. Some claimed it was all made up of smoke and mirrors, while others claimed it was all genuine. But, what are your thoughts?


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