Dinosaur In The Backyard: A Bizarre Creature That Looks Like A Velociraptor Caught On CCTV

A video (see below) captured by a surveillance camera installed in a local woman’s backyard recently shocked residents in the state of Florida (USA).

Christina Ryan was watching the night recordings when she saw an unidentified creature speeding past the window.

In appearance and movement, the creature resembled a small bipedal dinosaur like the Velociraptor.

Ryan told Fox 35 News, “Any animal we might think of that would be ‘rolling’ at 3:40 a.m. would not walk this way.”

“Perhaps I’ve seen too many episodes of ‘Jurassic Park,’ but I think I see a raptor or a small dinosaur!”

She says that everyone who has seen the video has come to the same conclusion as she has.

“Some say it’s a big bird,” Ryan added, “but that doesn’t make sense because whatever it is appears to have front legs.” But what if you’re not sure? It’s hilarious. “I’m going to stick with the raptor.”

In the six-second video, a creature can be seen running through Ryan’s yard. The creature has a velociraptor-like build, complete with a long tail and hunched shoulders, despite Ryan’s strange language.

After Fox35 News posted the mystery video online, several social media users were left scratching their heads – but some people have theories.

Others suggested that it may have been a “peacock,” “dog in a mask,” “cat with a bucket stuck on its head,” “gator,” “emu,” or “sandhill crane,” while most people agreed that it looked like a velociraptor.


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