Egypt’s Forgotten Labyrinth Has Been found!

In 2008, a group of scholars from Belgium and Egypt discovered Egypt’s Secret Lost Labyrinth. The fact that the Supreme Council of Antiquities’ Secretary-General removed all evidence, leaving only rumors, is the reason you didn’t read about it all over the internet.

They did so because one of the most precious scrolls ever made, a holy text from the lost civilization of Atlantis said to contain the true history of mankind, is said to be concealed inside this labyrinth.

We know this because Herodotus and Strabo have discussed the labyrinth in the past. There were 40 columns on each side of the temple, according to Herodotus, and incredible paintings portraying the true history of mankind could be seen everywhere.

The team of experts was unable to complete their analysis due to the labyrinth’s over 3000 rooms, and they were immediately banned from returning to their original site.

This is yet another example of how the ruling class does not want the public to know the truth, most likely because it includes alien life forms or contradicts what we already know from history books.


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