Extraterrestrial Message To Human Race: Strange Case Of Live TV Broadcast Interruption

On Saturday 26 November 1977 Andrew Gardner was covering the evening news. The TV began trembling, accompanied by a noisy noise. The warning was substituted by a distorted speech for almost six minutes.

Vrillon was described as a representative of the Ashtar Galactic Command.

After the disruption had stopped, transmissions returned to usual just before the conclusion of a Looney Tunes cartoon. Later in the evening, Southern Television apologized for what it considered a development in tone. ITN also addressed the topic in their Sunday morning bulletin.

A direct copy of the post.

It is the voice of Ashtar, a part of the Ashtar Galactic Command. We have been used as stars in the skies.

We talk to you now in the spirit of goodwill and understanding. We come to tell you what is about to happen in your world, so that you can warn your fellow beings about the fate of their worlds.

In order that you may enter the New Generation, the world moves into the New Age of Aquarius. We will only step on if our rulers are made mindful of the dark powers that can influence their decisions.

Wait for the moment, lest it slip you by. All wicked arms must be eliminated. The time for aggression is past, and the race you are a member of will progress on to higher stages if you prove yourself worthy.

There is not much time remaining. The world’s diverse communities have now been formed up to move on the Modern Era to you all.

If you disagree in their beliefs, you are free to obey them. But if you accept their teachings, you will have to live in peace. The voice of Vrillon, a leader of the Ashtar Interstellar Command.

Please be informed of false prophets and manuals that exist in the present. Their powers suck your vitality and bring it to dark uses, offering you useless dross in exchange.

Your soul will shield you from this. You must learn to listen to the voice within that informs you what is real and what is confusing. Listen to the voice of reality inside you, and you will pursue the course of evolution.

We are thankful for your help. We have observed you from above while you have watched our stars in the sky. You realize now that there are more people on and about the Planet than your scientists accept. We care about you and your potential, and will do all we can to help you.

Only learn for yourself and your world, and work along with the rest of mankind. The Ashtar Galactic Command thanks you for your attention. We are now quitting your world. Will you be enriched by the ultimate grace and honesty of the universe.

Media reaction.

It raised some local concern and received attention. The IBA revealed the hoax transmission was a day’s gossip newspapers. The IBA verified the first time such a transmission has been made.

Since the audio went off the air for more than six minutes on Saturday night, many concerned people contacted the news channel.

The article was carried by the Associated Press and followed up by several American newspapers.

A transmission was heard by a variety of viewers, who accepted it at face value, and then cited that this was a transmitter hijack.

Within two days of the attack, the Times printed a letter: “How could IBA – or anyone else – be sure that the broadcast was a hoax?” ”

The account had entered into popular legend by as late as 1985, with the implication there had never been any reason for the transmission.


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