Famous Surgeon Roger Leir Made a Study Showing Mysterious Alien Implants

For the purposes of unusual experiments, aliens not only kidnap humans but very frequently inject into their bodies numerous tiny items of an incomprehensible structure.

The most notable of these “clues” are thin hard items of varying sizes and textures, which have been implanted into the patient’s bodies for an unknown reason. They are called ‘alien implants’ by ufologists.

What are the unusual objects? What about the collars that scientists placed on animals that have been captured?

One of the strangest aspects of the phenomenon of alien abduction is the appearance of visible signs of foreign abductions inside or on victims’ bodies.

In a number of wounds, bruises, or punctures by incomprehensible objects, fresh scar traces, a peculiar skin rash, locations on the body where hair has fully stopped developing, odd body movements, among several more strange accidents, the clinical proof might be.

The mysterious alien implants are strange wiring, anything that looks like electrodes or microcircuit, in the shape of bits of unusual metals. They are seen most commonly around the nose (almost forced into the brain) and sometimes in the limbs.

Often during a surgical examination in a hospital, these peculiar alien implants are found by mistake, or when the patient in a certain position is tormented by odd symptoms, during which he himself arrives to take an X-ray of the same part of the body, and then something strange is discovered in the image, implanted deep under the skin.

Many physicians are confused by these “alien implants,” but in most cases, where a foreign substance enters the body from a wound or after being swallowed, they deem them to be unintentional accidents.

There is though a physician who has devoted his life to studying these enigmatic alien implants.

Roger Krevin Leir was his name (1935-2014).

Roger Krevin Leir started his career as a reputable State of California orthopedic surgeon and previously had little experience in ufology.

He eventually, however, started reading books about UFOs and aliens, began attending numerous UFO fan gatherings, and then became a part of MUFON’s local division, the American UFO network.

Everything changed for him in 1955, and he visited a UFO event the same year, where he saw X-rays of a woman pretending to have been kidnapped by aliens.

In the woman’s anatomy, the images obviously revealed something irregular and Dr. Leir, being a surgeon, knew instantly that this was something odd.

In the pictures, he inspected several metal items at once and then advised the woman that he should extract the device from her body.

Curiosity drove Leir and he decided to study these mysterious artifacts and learn what they could be.

He found that they were two small bits of metal made of aluminum and meteoric iron as he worked on the victim.
There were no marks on the skin surface where the object was inserted and there was no evidence of infection in the connective tissue as if these alien implants were not deemed to be foreign bodies by the woman’s body.

Since finding these alien implants, Leir was baffled.

He later discovered another patient with the same implants, and the removed items had strange properties after the objects were taken out and it remains unknown how these objects reached the body.

Leir noticed that these cases were isolated and started collaborating with those persons in subsequent years, and founded a non-profit group named “A&S Research.”

Leir and his assistants worked on around two dozen persons during their work, extracting from their bodies several various strange objects.

All the suspected alien implants were special, their form was not replicated, and the implants appeared to be produced specifically for each human.

Any of them were rare elements, such as one implant containing U-236, a uranium isotope, and another containing iridium. There were components in a whole community of implants which are normally present in meteorites.

Strange crystalline structures that looked like carbon nanofibers or nanotubes, coated with a hard oily coating that stopped the body from resisting them, were seen in various alien implants.

Such implants were electrical, and some at “deep space-frequency” were said to emit elusive radio waves and continued to emit these signals even after being removed from the body.

Leir said that as he attempted to remove the implants during the surgery, the alien implants were highly resistant to traditional instruments, and only with the assistance of a laser could he damage any of them, he was faced with different instances.

There was one terrifying event of Leir’s practice where one strange implant unexpectedly separated into multiple parts during removal, but then continued to come together by itself.

Source: Infinity Explorers

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