Giant Alien Cruise Ship UFO Passes Between Earth and the Sun in NASA SOHO Image

UFO hunter Streetcap1 recently came across a new sighting in outer space after having inspected the most recent batch of pictures released by NASA’s and ESA’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory satellite.

As you can see from this picture, this strange UFO was spotted passing by our planet, in between Earth and the Sun, and to everyone’s surprise, no one was able to actually really explain this discovery altogether.

For the most part, skeptics believe that this is all just a result of a glitch in the system, a bunch of stray pixels that emerged out of nowhere on the screen, but as you can clearly tell almost instantly this isn’t true as it is too symmetrical for this, to begin with.

Ever since the SOHO satellite was first booted up on December 2nd, 1995 it showcased plenty of data of aliens and UFOs in outer space, and according to Streetcap1 himself, this is but one of the many encounters that he’s personally seen near Earth-Sun’s L1 point.

If that weren’t enough, UFO Sightings Daily’s editor Scott C. Waring came in clutch to say that he definitely supports Streetcap1 and his discovery.

He even mentioned how the ship itself could actually be an “alien cruise ship” as it is passing us by at an incredibly slow speed and how it could essentially be big enough to carry over a whole slew of alien tourists along with our solar system.

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