Government Sources Say Our Military Is Holding Back A Lot Of Evidence Of Alien UFOs

Several government agencies are obstructing efforts to catalog reports of “unidentified airborne phenomena,” according to Politico, which cites several current and former government officials.

The existence of a top-secret Pentagon program tasked with investigating unexplained UFO encounters in military airspace became public knowledge in 2017. Several of these incidents were caught on tape, and in January, the CIA declassified any files it claimed to have on the sightings.

Government workers in charge of investigating the incidents, on the other hand, now say that agencies are hiding relevant details and, in some cases, refusing to reveal any confidential information.

It’s also not about putting up a fight.

According to Christopher Mellon, a former Pentagon intelligence official, “getting access to the information is an ordeal in and of itself, because of all the different security bureaucracies.”

In August, the Pentagon formed a special “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force” headed by the Navy to look into the allegations, but it hasn’t gotten very far.

“I know the task force has been denied access to pertinent information by the Air Force and has been stiff-armed by them,” Mellon said.

With Politico, a Pentagon spokesperson declined to “publicly disclose the particulars of the UAP findings.”

The task force will almost certainly have to delay submitting its report to Congress, giving the appearance that the government is trying to hide information — even though the data turns out to be inadequate.

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) said this week on Fox News, “We have to try to find out what it is,” adding that the task force’s June 1 deadline is likely to be missed. “I can tell you that it is now being taken even more seriously than before.”


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