Hidden Ancient Stargate In the Sun Temple of Abu Gurab

The Abu Gurab Solar temples were originally discovered around 15km south of Cairo sometime around 1898 and 1901 as the two experts Ludwig Borchardt and Friedrich Willhelm von Bissing reported having come across a series of massive temples that were awfully strange, to say the least.

It was, later on, discovered that the area itself dated back to the First Dynasty of Egypt aka around 3,100 to 2,900 BC and to everyone’s surprise the temples themselves were rather strange from multiple points of view.

First off, the two discovered carvings inside which pointed towards sound being especially important for the priests in this temple. Secondly, inside one such temple known as the Userkaf temple, the team came across a massive central obelisk and altar.

Although the Userkaf temple was discovered around the 60s nobody knew what the purpose of the obelisk and the altar were until they discovered the fact that the temple’s harmonic resonances could in theory connect with the altar altogether.

So, what could the purpose of this altar really be after all? Experts believe that this was actually meant to be an ancient stargate all along.

That’s right, through this rather strange contraption it is believed that the ancient Egyptians would contact aliens or even go to them or transport them here.

Although there are still many that believe that it was originally meant to be a place for funeral ceremonies, the temple and the altar make no sense for the most part unless we take into consideration its harmonic properties.

Source: Infinity Explorers

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