Hybrid Beings Spotted By Mars Rover – Maybe This Proves That NASA Manipulates Photos

This following discovery was made by none other than Paranormal Crucible as they did it again, they effectively proved the existence of aliens on Mars although this most recent discovery might actually be more intricate than even they considered it to be, to begin with.

The original picture was snapped by the Mars Spirit rover over the Gusev crater and as you can see in the background it appears as though some sort of a strange hybrid hominoid being is clearly walking across the rocky surface of Mars.

Its broad shoulders and massive size immediately made the experts call this a gorilla or a bear type of a creature.

Based on its size alone experts have made comparisons between it and the scary Draconian soldiers. In case you didn’t know by now, the Draconians are amongst the most violent creatures out there and they are said to be able to physically overpower anyone and anything.

Paranormal Crucible also stated that this could be a statue of an alien too although that’s not all there is to it.

Back in 2013, Donna Hare stated that while working for NASA she was asked to assess a strange image of a UFO.

When she stated that she could see the strange UFO fine she was told that it was that person’s job to edit out the UFO from the picture and he didn’t want to leave back any traces, to say the least.

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