Immense Extraterrestrial Weapon Was Recently Discovered on Mars?

In reality, this following photo turned the internet upside down and off its head while everybody was stoked to offer their own interpretations of this most recent experience on Mars.

It might not look like anything to the uninitiated, but this mysterious tubular object prompted a thousand hypotheses to surface the day after the photo was made public.

The photo itself is lawful, NASA itself proved this by publishing it all over its own website, thereby legitimizing it.

So, what are we really looking at here, and why did this give so much publicity in the first place?

As you can easily see, whatever this tubular object is, it’s not normal at the very least, as it has a very defined foundation that is buried underwater and this tube sticks out of it.

Because it points its tube straight to the sky analysts have speculated that this is potentially an anti-aircraft weapon of some kind.

If the Martians were as technologically sophisticated as we thought they were, this would certainly be part of their arsenal to say the least.

The photo was taken by NASA’s Curiosity Rover, and right off the bat, it went viral, while some even believed it might possibly be a Martian tank. What do you think it may be?


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