Immense Out Of Place Anomaly Was Recently Discovered In Antarctica

From the moment Antarctica was discovered, a lot of time has elapsed. Yet this part of the world remains a true mystery to this day. Still now under kilometers of ice that mankind does not know about many secrets are hidden.

In an inhospitable region in Antarctica, another phenomenon is found and researchers are curious if it is something that has spontaneously formed over the years or man-made because it appears like a foundation or storage facility.

105 to 40 meters and 10 meters high is the anomaly.

Furthermore, above the broad mystery, there is another unusual brownish entity situated very close to an old settlement or entry.

In this case, we have no idea if it is only normal or artificially made, so whether it is artificially, we presume that there was maybe something significant that someone wanted to cover it up.

Here are the coordinates: 66 ° 37’37.57 “S 110 ° 16 ‘39.19 “E (set timeline on 2004).

Does this discovery shows once again that an ancient civilization once existed in the Antarctic, a reference to which, sadly, has not been preserved in history? Or maybe this finding is not old at all?

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