In Japan They Already Starter Allowing Human And Animal Hybrids to Live Amongst Them

The people that are against human-animal hybrids need to understand the fact that this is not a matter of will anymore, it is a matter of necessity.

For the longest of times, we’ve been concerned with the ethicality of it all but at the end of the day, if we can implement this into our society it will eventually make for an incredible improvement in the life of literally everyone on the planet.

Japan has already spotted just how promising this could all be, so they assigned Professor Hiromitsu Nakauchi as the leading expert to undergo the experiments and see if he can get it right.

Hiromitsu was essentially able to assure us that with the right genes we can already grow human body parts inside of animals.

So, take, for example, you grow the pancreas of a person inside of the body of a pig.

If you need that pancreas to survive you will get it instantly, unlike the process as it is now which is very scarce, to say the least as you can easily lose your life if no body part is found on time.

But this is only the beginning, as with the passage of time experts believe that we can go even further, even implementing animal traits into our own bodies so as to make sure that we end up becoming the perfect beings on Earth after all.

Can you imagine being able to regrow limbs from scratch? Exploring the depths of the sea with ease? All of this can be possible if we abandon the idea of ethicality and embrace the future.

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