Largest Known Ancient Megalith Was Discovered – Who Really Made This Huge Structure?

This massive new megalith was uncovered not too long ago near the foot of the Anti-Lebanon mountain range.

It is a massive stone slab which is also known as the most massive hand-carved stone ever discovered, sitting at 1,650 tons, 64ft (19.6m) in length, 19.6 feet (6m) width, and 18ft (5.5m) height.

The exact constructors of the stone slab are unknown although the experts do have their suspicions that it might actually be the same Roman architects that built the nearby Baalbek complex of temples which sit atop three megalithic stones of 800 tons each.

But this theory is heavily debated by none other than researcher Graham Hancock himself as he believes that the edges of the stone are massively downgraded in quality in comparison to the ones from Baalbek plus the Romans have never shown such prowess that they could lift and maneuver such massive structures altogether.

He believes that this structure actually dates back to 12,000 years ago, similarly to the Gobekli Tepe temple from Turkey which he believes are connected.

He believes that the structure was originally discovered by the Romans and that they tried to emulate it with their own megaliths nearby.

Nobody even knows how they moved the 800-ton blocks, to begin with, but this one’s twice the weight so it really makes no sense, to say the least.

Hancock doesn’t believe he has all the answers and even though he accepts defeat for now he will continue his research hopefully finding the true constructors of this megalith in the meantime.

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