Laser-Sharp Ancient Cuts Were Discovered in An Underwater Megalithic Structure Near Japan

In case you didn’t know already, the 6,800 islands that make up the Nippon archipelago are quite popular, to say the least with experts as they have quite a strange history, to say the least.

The locals here are absolutely sure of the fact that the Sun originates from it and as strange as that may be a whole cult was based on this set of beliefs.

This was so prominent actually that they were even able to get the attention of one US Naval Commodore Mathew Perry back in 1853 as he decided to see what really gave the people a reason for them to consider this, to begin with.

The Japanese government was also unable to say anything against it as the islands themselves are not under their jurisdiction but under the cult’s jurisdiction.

Although he was for the most part unable to unearth a lot of information, he still opened up a path for experts later on to discover actual proof of the fact that aliens might have been involved in the creation of some of the monuments here.

That’s right, take for example the Yonaguni, the megalith that was originally discovered back in 1987 by one Kihachiro Aratake.

You can see the fact that it was cut using laser-sharp tools which either prove that aliens were involved or advanced technology in ancient times.

Next up we have the Ishi-no-Hoden or the Stone Sanctuary. It shares the same strange cuts all over.

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