Melting Arctic Ice Reveals Alien UFO Underwater Base

In case you didn’t hear the news yet, planet Earth is actively changing as we speak and Antarctica is no different in this regard as it appears to steadily be melting all the way and with its ice out of the way experts have now encountered more and more discoveries through the use of the satellite images from Google Earth.

These discoveries wouldn’t be possible without global warming as what was once hidden underneath the ice of Antarctica is now fully visible as more and more experts have reached the conclusion that there is more to Antarctica than we thought before.

This massive perfectly circular structure appeared out of nowhere in full camera view as the satellites captured what experts are now calling a UFO that was submerged under the ice thousands upon thousands of years ago.

There are some ongoing theories that also state that this is actually the entrance to an underground secret base that either an alien race resides in or a secret part of society that we have yet to uncover in its entirety.

Although we can’t say for sure what it is what we can say however is the fact that this is definitely not just an iceberg as many skeptics have proclaimed it to be online.

Check it out for yourself at the following coordinates: 74°35’39.74″S 164°54’44.56″E

It’s definitely interesting that all of these discoveries are emerging now. But what will we do in case the forces there decide to retaliate?

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