NASA Accused of Cutting Live ISS Feed as Some Strange UFOs Hover in Sight

UFO expert Toby Lundh was looking over the International Space Station live feed when all of a sudden, he spotted this strange dot approaching the ISS from a distance. As the dot became bigger and bigger, he was ready to start recording when all of a sudden, the footage went blank.

This lasted for a good ten to fifteen seconds until the stream came back online and lo and behold, no more strange dots in the distance.

He instantly called out NASA for being so blatantly obvious about their lies. They have yet to issue a statement and the chances of this happening are beyond low to say the least.

Toby even went on record to state that he singlehandedly spotted dozens of UFOs from their live feed and that every time he’s about to get a proper picture the footage cuts off.

He even showed this picture of a UFO that he caught live on camera. As you can tell, it resembles the Starfleet Insignia ship from the Star Trek series.

Regardless, he was beyond angry at this, as he claims that NASA have continuously been hiding the truth from us and that they’re getting desperate by now with such deceptive tactics.

The famous YouTuber Streetcap1 however wasn’t as convinced as he did take NASA’s side on this case in particular. According to him, this could all just be the Moon in the background, as it does appear to be white from a distance.

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