NASA Astronaut Leaves Behind Strange Space Treasure Map

Gordon Cooper believes there might be a pirate ship that has been missing for years, filled with money and in danger of being found.

People claimed Cooper’s key objective was to investigate the impacts of weightlessness on the body.

There is, however, sufficient documentation that the Soviets once claimed to have a rocket position near to the US.

Years after the man’s passing, people are trying to pursue riches in the depths of the ocean using his pictures.

When Cooper was orbiting across the Planet, he discovered signs of many more sunken ships.

Since coming back home, he correlated his observations with Maritime data to create a fortune map.

Darrell Miklos, who picked up the news shortly before Cooper’s death, wants to make a documentary film about the underwater fortune.

He was given some enigmatic documents when Cooper got sick with Parkinson’s and he hopes to confirm his friend’s hypothesis.

He wants to remember the astronaut he named his dad.

A team of scientists and divers started with five sites which have all been reported to have shipwrecked stuff.

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