Paris Zoo Presents The Strangest Living Being – The Blob

The zoo’s main attraction is a kind of slime-like creature. The appearance of a creature is similar to that of a mushroom, but it behaves like an animal.

It is scientifically referred to as ‘Physarum Polycemalum.’ Even personalities within the scientific community were baffled when they saw the peculiarities of the creature.

Perhaps the most peculiar thing of the creature is its strange behavior. It oozes along the forest floor to catch prey. In addition, the species does not belong to either the group of plants, animals or fungi.

The creature lacks a brain, which is quite formidable; the idea that such a skillful creature lacks a brain has caused controversy among the experts. In addition, it has no mouth, no stomach, and no eyes; nevertheless, it is still capable of digesting food. Even though it has no legs or wings, the creature can move quite efficiently.

As you can see, this creature is totally defying man’s established notions of living beings.

Now, the creature will have its own section in the zoo and will be shown for public viewing on Saturday.

Have a look at the video below for more information, and please don’t forget to share your impressions with us.



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