People Reported an Alien Mothership Hovering Over Daegu Region In South Korea

Almost every day, we see tiny unexplained aerial vehicles hovering in the sky. On the website, there are a number of videos like that.

Ufologists, in particular, are heavily involved in this situation. In the footage you’re about to see, you’ll notice a large luminous object.

When two Koreans in Deagu looked up at the sky, they noticed a strange moving and glowing entity. According to the two witnesses, the UFO was so large that the video could not capture its true size.

This phenomenon appears to have been created with the intention of picking the public’s interest. People were terrified because they couldn’t take their gaze away from it because its size cast a shadow across almost the entire sky.

According to many UFOlogists, the UFO attempted to make contact with the city’s residents but was thwarted by something. Others speculated that the UFO’s primary purpose was to intimidate people and feed them electricity.

Take a look at the video below, and come to your own conclusions.


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