Report On The Secret Space Program, Antarctica Mysteries and Disclosure Project!

The following transcript was taken directly from the interviews between the Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt and Bill Ryan alongside the interview with David Wilcock on the topic of Corey Goode.

In case you didn’t know already, Corey Goode is a man that came out with a lot of bold accusations which took the world by storm, and amongst the crowd rose Bill Ryan who was quite skeptical of his statements, to say the least.

He actually wrote an article on the matter which went viral titled The Truth About Corey Goode and as you can guess from that title alone it showcases the fact that Corey Goode is a fraud that was paid off by the higher-ups to release misinformation.

He proclaimed that over the years he even tried to get into contact with Corey Goode to the point where he wanted to get Corey to undergo a lie-detector test to prove his statements to which Corey refused.

He stated that the amount of attention he’s getting is ridiculous and that this could only be a result of a planned assault on believers all around the world.

David Wilcock on the other hand supports Corey as he stated that within the span of the two years they worked together he never actually caught him in a lie once.

David essentially vouched for him even bringing up the fact that David stated that after more information will be leaked about Antarctica and the 1.8 billion-year-old ruins from within our planet and throughout our solar system a man named Pete Peterson will spread more misinformation about the world including the two UFOs dating back to 450,000 years ago and 55,000 years ago from Antarctica.

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