Reptilian shape-shifters have been seen on live TV – Take a look at their eyes!

What else may it be, if this isn’t the smoking gun? How do you plan on capturing their transformation into human beings? There’s no way you’d be able to see anything! Take a look at the expression on her face.

I warned you about these abominations that have been enslaving mankind for a long time.

They have hidden bases, like the Dulce base, and they have infiltrated global governments, media, Democrats, and Republicans, as well as operating the world’s most secret societies.

Why am I disclosing all of this to you?

I tell you this to warn you that we, as humans, no longer have the ability to command humanity’s confidence, and to prepare you for what will happen when these shape-shifter reptilians completely reveal themselves to humanity, but it will be too late for us.

Grays and reptilians still exist, but the grays have a different motivation. The grays abduct people and mix their DNA with their own to produce a mutant capable of taking over their evil hearts and minds.

At some point, a war will break out between the reptilians and the grays. Both have provided some of their technology to the US government, but their aim is to mislead us.

If you want to read more about reptilians, grays, human abductions, and human-gray hybrids, you can follow Linda Moulton Howe, Kerry Cassidy, Dr. David Jacobs, and Budd Hopkins on social media.

I’m aware that non-humans, both reptilian and gray, can read this, and I’d like to reassure them that I’m not afraid of you, but I also don’t want any trouble; all I want to do is inform my human brothers and sisters about you disgusting aliens.


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