Researchers Claim a Weird Supermassive Black Hole Glitched, Turning Off and On Again

An MIT team uncovered the strangest phenomenon in human history in March of 2018, when what seems to be yet another inexplicable incident involving one of the universe’s strangest objects, a supermassive black hole, flickered completely, causing the entire object to disappear for a second before reforming the next.

As we all know, supermassive black holes appear to make their own rules as they go along, defying our physical laws. This was the case recently, when the supermassive black hole 1ES 1927+654 appeared to go through an odd process.

According to scientists, the ultrabright corona at the center of it all gradually loses its visibility, to the point that it has lost a magnitude of 10,000 in terms of light particles, causing the black hole to dissipate in seconds only to reappear.

Claudio Ricci and Erin Kara worked together on this study, documenting all that happened along the way.

The black hole seemed to eat itself to death before reappearing seconds later, according to the official report.

When the team used ASSASN, or the All-Sky Automated Survey for Supernovae, to record an active galactic nucleus, they discovered this. They used NASA’s own X-ray telescope, known as NICER, to catch it all.

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