Russia States That The Strange Continent Of Antarctica Is NOT What It Seems

Antarctica has always been the odd one out, to say the least as far as continents go.

While any other continent around the globe has been somewhat explored by now, even only from an outside point of view like for example with Africa, for the most part Antarctica has always been a mystery to us all.

According to recent statements though this might not have actually been the case as Russian intelligence has confirmed the fact that they’ve been working alongside the superpowers around the planet inside secret facilities in Antarctica all along.

But where are these facilities after all? They stated that the facilities are actually underneath the ice of Antarctica.

We’ve also come across proof not too long ago that the lost city of Atlantis might be somewhere around there too which does beg the question, are they currently operating inside of the lost city of Atlantis or are they just studying its remains?

There is a lot of proof of there being a massive hole underneath the ice of Antarctica, as most experts have already claimed that inside of that hole there most likely exists a whole ecosystem unlike anywhere else on the planet.

If you don’t think that’s possible just look at our friend here called Organism 46B.

It was discovered underneath the ice of Antarctica and as far as we can tell it’s a creature that can only live there. It appears to be able to paralyze its prey with venom which also implies the fact that it has a vast array of prey down there too.

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