Scientists Claim There Is Another World Under Antarctica’s Layer Of Ice

In case you didn’t know already, the Whillans Ice Subglacial Access Research Drilling project (WISSARD) was set out so that they could follow through on where Lake Whillans was actually going and where it all seeped into.

Basically, they planned to see whether there were any deposits of water under the ice of Antarctica or if all of it just gets sent to oblivion and back.

Their results were jarring, to say the least as during this research the team was able to uncover the fact that 2,700 feet below the ice level there is an actual massive series of wetlands that could potentially house a whole inner civilization inside.

This discovery could actually prove the fact that the Inner Earth society is real, as many have already brought up already.

Since the sea levels constantly rise and fall and the ice is slowly breaking apart thanks to global warming the experts believe that it won’t be long until we’ll be able to explore these wetlands.

There is an ongoing theory that Antarctica used to be a luscious forest in the past but that because of the shifting of the poles it ended up being the frozen ice land it is today.

Could this discovery lead to an underground species of aliens after all? Many believe so as this most definitely coincides with the Hollow Earth theory.

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