Security Cameras Record Strange Entities Worldwide

The footage we’re showing you today is from an investigative report by Jaime Maussan, a well-known UFO journalist and researcher, that aired on the Mexican TV channel Tercer Milenio on October 25th.

Some photographs taken from surveillance cameras around the world, showing enigmatic extraterrestrial life forms, are presented in the dossier.

It is neither ghosts nor human beings, according to Carlos Clemente, a UFO researcher and Skywatcher who conducted the inquiry (or dossier) into the existence of these enigmatic presences.

Entities, Shadow Beings, Non-Human or Extraterrestrial Life Forms are some of the terms used to describe them.

Direct testimonies, surveillance camera video, and individuals who have had the third form of experiences with these beings all have little documentation. It appears that advanced camera technologies, especially night vision or infrared cameras, may frequently record these mysterious attendances.

Life types that are only apparent by these cameras and not through the naked eye.


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