Signs of Ancient Life Discovered on Mars?

There are plenty of signs of life on Mars as we speak but for the most part NASA will not acknowledge any of this regardless of the legitimacy behind them.

Take for example this following picture that their very own Mars Hand Lens Imager took a while back.

You can clearly see that there’s something strange in the picture but even after the picture went viral NASA refused to make any comments on it supposedly because they didn’t want it getting any more traction than it already got.

What’s also interesting to mention is the fact that the original image was published upside down which definitely adds to the strangeness. Did they do this on purpose as a means of hiding the evidence in plain sight? We might never know for sure.

The structure in itself is made up of brick stones and as far as we can tell its resemblance with a humanoid face might actually imply that there’s something beneath it.

Based on ancient Egyptian customs, they would often times put faces on top of the grave sites to indicate who is buried there and we know for a fact that ancient Egyptians were connected with the ancient Martians so this could definitely be the case here.

We can’t actually say whether that is the face of the person that was buried here or if it’s all just an indicator as to which deity/ruler they worshipped at the time but we can however say that that’s definitely not just a simple rock formation to say the least.

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