Space Station Astronaut Shares Video Of 5 UFOs Flying Above The Earth

Recently, a Russian cosmonaut by the name of Ivan Vagner came out to issue a statement against NASA. According to him, as he was stationed on the International Space Station in April, he came across a rather strange five floating objects that flew past the ISS and over Earth.

When he asked the representatives there what the objects could be, he was quickly dismissed so instead of dropping it right then and there he decided to bring in more people to the mix, releasing the video and images he took here this day of the flying objects.

When asked whether he was sure or not of the fact that these are alien spaceships he declared that as far as he knows this is the most likely scenario.

According to him, if he had to think of any other possibility, he’d consider them as just Starlink satellites orbiting around our planet.

SpaceX launched off 58 Starlink satellites on Tuesday morning so it would make sense except for the fact that he only saw five of them fly past him. If there really were that many out there, they wouldn’t be clustered in groups of 5 would they?

No, instead, he brought the proof to Roscosmos hoping that they’ll get to the bottom of it all. The Roscosmos representative Vladimir Ustimenko declared that it was too soon to announce any information about this incident, but that they’re looking into it as we speak.

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