Strange and Terrifying Loud Screams Coming From The Sky in Texas! What could they be?

Daniel Robb was trying to get himself a good 8-hour nap when all of a sudden, he was awoken by a demonic howling at midnight.

The event took place on May 23rd, and according to him everybody in Bryan city most likely heard the same screeches as he did.

The sound in itself resembles that of a human in some aspects, although most have already reported on the fact that it could be a lot more sinister than that.

Some believe this could be the piercing howl of a Banshee, an Irish mythological being.

Others believe it could be a Wendigo that captured a human and is now recreating its final noises to lure in more humans to its hiding spot.

Some even believe that this is all demonic screeching as they come from underground waiting to be reborn on our planet.

Regardless, the discovery in itself is anything but normal as you can already tell.

The following day he reported the fact that even his neighbors heard the noises, which makes this all the creepier.

What do you think this piercing screams could be? Could this just be a weird prank that someone pulled on the residents of Bryan city? Could it be a dragon all along, or is this an alien’s screams? These are all the questions we have for you today. You can check out the strange video down below yourself.

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