Strange Paintings Depicting Aliens And UFOs: Were Ancient Humans Aware of Universe’s Secrets?

Archeologists recently uncovered pre-historic drawings dating back 10,000 years that portrayed aliens and unidentified flying vehicles (UFO).

These rock paintings found in Charama, India, quickly became a hot topic among extraterrestrial enthusiasts, and many people thought it was genuine evidence of alien life.

Humans were aware of what was going on in space.

A team of researchers from the University of Edinburgh has discovered yet another series of ancient cave paintings, leading many scholars to conclude that early humans were aware of astronomy.

The allegedly more than 40,000-year-old cave paintings were discovered at different sites throughout Europe, and they indicate that ancient humans used to keep track of time by observing how the location of the stars slowly shifts across thousands of years.

Researchers involved in this study discovered that the symbols depicted in the caves are actually constellations that were used to describe dates and mark catastrophic events such as asteroid strikes. If these researchers’ theories are right, ancient people were well aware of the effects that occur on Earth as a result of its gradual change in rotational axis.

Early cave art reveals that people had a sophisticated view of the night sky during the last ice age. Intellectually, they were not much different from us today. According to, the results “support a hypothesis of multiple comet impacts over the course of human existence and would potentially revolutionize how ancient cultures are seen.”

Martin Sweatman, a researcher at the University of Edinburgh and the study’s lead author, said.

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