Strange Spheres of Light as Large as 3 Suns Appear In The Skies of Belgium

After three massive bright orbs were seen flying over the sky of Antwerp, a strange video captured by an eyewitness sent ufologists and conspiracy theorists into a tizzy.

When orbs the size of giant moons appeared outside Mr. Madison van Zelfde’s home in the Schipperskwartier neighborhood of Antwerp, Belgium, at about 7 a.m. on Wednesday, December 16, 2020, he identified them as “orbs the size of giant moons.”

Three bright spheres move in a linear motion and at a diagonal angle over buildings at dawn, as seen in this video.

The enigmatic blinding white glow illuminates the entire environment like a mirror as the video progresses.

When they pass to the left and vanish behind a wall, the video comes to an end.

I stated in the UFO report given at the Belgian UFO Center that the sun had not yet risen at the time of filming.


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