The Entire Story of The Ancient Anunnaki Aliens In This Awesome Miniseries

In case you missed it, Mensageiros do Vento, a Brazilian rock band, recently released a miniseries of cartoons focused on ancient Sumerian tales that explain the origins of the Anunnaki and, eventually, our genesis.

The series is based on Zecharia Sitchin’s deciphering of ancient Sumerian tablets, which told the story of the world’s history through the eyes of one of the world’s earliest civilizations.

Endubsar, the master scribe, begins the pilot episode by telling us the story of Nibiru, our solar system’s 12th planet.

They died one by one as a result of the planet’s volcanic activity, despite being men’s gods and incredibly difficult to beat. To fix this, they sent a team of experts from their planet to explore the solar system in search of a solution that would save their entire race.

They discovered all of the Earth’s resources, especially gold, around 435,000 years ago.

Their first base of operations was in Mesopotamia, but after sending their men to mine in Africa, the Nibirunians revolted against the labor work.

As a result, we were formed from their DNA as well as that of our ancestor primates at the time.

So, Enki and his wife Ninmah aided our evolution by using advanced technology to establish a new species known as Homo Erectus, or us.

The rest is history, and we don’t want to give anything away, so check it out if you’re curious!

If you want to see the whole story and how this beautiful story ends, click on the link below and watch all 28 short episodes:

Mensageiros do Vento | YouTube Channel

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