The Oldest Pyramids in The World Were Discovered in Alaska

As far as we know Alaska is one of the strangest places on the planet. Even if we are to take away the fact that we haven’t been able to actually excavate a lot of it you are still left off with plenty of proof that just doesn’t add up from a historical point of view.

Take for example these two massive pyramids that were uncovered here not too long ago that experts believe to be connected with an ancient advanced civilization.

The oldest known civilization is that of the Sumerians from around 4,000 BC but this clearly proves that they weren’t the first as they appear to be so ancient that we cannot even trace them back to any actual time period.

What’s also really interesting about them is the fact that experts also have uncovered the fact that they were never meant to be tombs either, similarly to the ancient Giza pyramids.

They were first believed to be mountains, that’s how ancient and massive they are, but what’s especially strange about them is that after beginning their first official excavation of them they weren’t able to even find anything explaining which ancient civilization actually built them, to begin with.

Although they were heavily debated at first nobody believes they are natural anymore as the inscriptions found inside are definitely artificial although nobody is able to decipher them, to begin with.

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