The Strange Substance Called “Black Goo” That Seems To Have Intelligence

A very bizarre material that seems to be alive, Black Goo was also contained in the rainwater of Germany. This material appears to be alive with the way it moves.

This liquid crystal was mined from the 2nd World War SS black stones, similar to those used in pagan rites, similar to the black stone used in Kaaba, Mecca.

It seems that this crystal has come to Earth from outer space, that the crystal contains monoatomic gold and monoatomic iridium, that these precious metals will make their vectorial place in the spaces between the human DNS spiral.

This crystal may have a positive, helpful, but also detrimental impact on humans. During the rites, the ancient priests drank monoatomical gold to protect their youth, so that they could live up to the age of 800 to 900 years.

Also, monoatomical gold is mentioned in the Bible, if we read Genesis 2 verse 12, we find, “The gold of this earth is exceedingly fine, aromatic, resinous, and the onyx stones are there.”

The curious thing is that the Bush family buys land near the storehouse of this bizarre product, even Angela Merkel purchased property near the Black Goo Depot.


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