These Strange Nano Devices Are Found In Human Beings All Over The World!

As the title suggests, these miniature devices were discovered all around the globe in different humans with different backgrounds and different lives altogether.

They only had one thing in common: They all reported having been abducted by aliens. That’s right, after remembering the downright traumatizing events they went to the doctors to have themselves treated in case the aliens did anything to them.

This is where the first chip was actually discovered, and over the next couple of months, 16 more of them were discovered all around the globe.

These sophisticated objects are quite incredible to say the least, as they are clearly not man-made, to begin with.

In order to actually test them out, the doctors took them to the nearest laboratories they could find.

One such chip was for example tested out at the Los Alamos National Laboratory.
Here is where they realized the fact that they were not human-made, to begin with.

First off, they realized the fact that the chips appeared to be emitting radio waves and electronic fields which is still a technology we have yet to master at such a minuscule level.

Second of all, they all appeared to contain uranium and iridium which are quite rare, to say the least.

Third of all, they even had materials that you can’t even find on Earth, such as carbon nanofibers and carbon nanotubes.

After breaking them apart they also began regenerating in a matter of seconds.

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