This Amazing Thorium Car Can Run for 100 Years Using Just 8 Grams of Fuel

Meet the Thorium car, by far the most advanced vehicle you’ve ever seen. But it has a lot more interesting tricks up its sleeve than just its looks alone, as this car itself is said to be able to run for well over 100 years with only 8 grams of fuel.

That’s right, can you even imagine spending your whole life with the same vehicle only to have to refuel it once when you get it then leaving the payment for the next generation?

This might seem like the car of the future but according to Laser Power Systems, it might actually not be that far away chronologically speaking.

This vehicle is said to hit the market by 2030 as according to the team behind it, it is mostly completed already.

The last hurdle they need to surpass is the one which they are completely stuck on, aka trying to make Thorium stable enough so as to not blow up into a nuke after a car crash.

That’s right, Thorium is the supposed mystery ingredient that this vehicle has in store for us. A gram of Thorium is said to be the equivalent of 28,000 liters of oil and as far as we know it, it has a total density of 11.7g per cubic meter.

This essentially gives it over 20 million times the energy storage than coal. Hopefully, we’ll get to see it driving around by 2030. Would you give it a ride?

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