This Ancient Egyptian ‘Dream Book’ Reveals Strange Predictions of The Future

As we all know, the Egyptians were spiritually astute, and they often lamented the concept of finding yourself in your dreams.

They claimed that dreams were essentially premonitions, that they were signs from Gods asking them how to cure diseases and how to live their lives correctly in order to prevent disasters.

Because of the ancient Egyptian Dream Book, we know how important dreams were to the Egyptians. This hieratic-papyrus can be traced all the way back to Ramesses II’s early reign (1279-1213 BC).

It was found in a cemetery near the Valley of Kings, and according to scholars, no one knows who wrote it. What we do know is that the scribe Qeniherkhepshef was involved at some stage, and that on the back is a poem about Rameses II’s participation in the Battle of Kadesh.

The Dream Book includes a total of 108 dreams that depict the 78 actions and emotions of the original author.

Many of them are completely random, such as one that clearly states that if a man is caring for monkeys, bad things will happen soon.

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