This Mysterious Shadow Creature Flew Against The Street Lamp

While the mysterious video below was received on June 25, 2018, it has only recently piqued the attention of paranormal and unexplained phenomena researchers.

At 02:17 a.m., an outdoor surveillance camera in a car park in Rantula, Illinois, allegedly captured something strange.

The surveillance camera in the film captured an enigmatic shadow moving rapidly against the background of a bright street lamp.

Many experts who saw the fascinating video concluded that we cannot discuss an insect or a bird.

Some speculate that it was the cryptid known as the Mothman, a giant bat, or another unidentified insect. Others have reported seeing or hearing a ghost or demon. Skeptics, on the other hand, are looking for a response that makes sense. It may be a daily newspaper that has been whipped through the air by a strong gust of wind, for example.

How many other CCTV camera recordings have yet to be discovered or deleted? Isn’t it odd and mysterious how we live in this world?


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