‘Time Traveler’: A Major Breakthrough Will Be Made This Year, And Pinpoints Armageddon

The explorer claimed to have traveled through a time machine built by his company on the planet “Vadho.”

A time traveler claiming to be from the year 2485 has gone viral online after predicting events that will reportedly lead to the end of the world.

On TikTok, the explorer identified as The One Time Traveler posts a series of videos detailing significant dates in the near future.

Despite the lack of evidence, he has amassed a 1.2 million-strong following – some followers have pointed out that his prior claims have not come true.

He says in a video posted on March 28: “On October 7, 2021, something unusual will be discovered in the Atlantic Ocean.

“The revelation would have a long-term effect on both the oceans and human lives.

“Keep the date in your head; you’ll need it later.”

He doesn’t go into depth on what this might be, as he does in any of his other predictions.

The time traveller, unlike another “time traveller” who documented his life in an ostensibly deserted location, posts clips from sci-fi movies or romantic places like beaches and mountains, never revealing his identity or his “home world.”

In another video, he appears to be “from the year 2485” and that he is able to talk because the company he works for, Aura, has created a time machine.

He continues, “I live on a little planet named ‘Vadho.'” “It’s one of the tiniest planets we’ve found with reliable sources and signs of life,” the researchers claim.

In an even more bizarre claim, the “time traveler” claims that on July 6th, 2788, a massive asteroid would strike Earth.

“However, by that time, we would have colonized Mars, the Moon, and a slew of other worlds,” he claims.

None of his predictions came true, and some people wondered how he knew when the world would end.

One person wrote, “I’m keeping tuned for the laughs.” “No, Donald Trump did not win the 2020 presidential election, and the vaccine isn’t brand new.”

Another individual inquired: “How do you know when the world will end if you claim to be from the year 2485? To you, it is the future, not the past.”

“Has anything amazing been discovered in the Atlantic Ocean?” a third inquired. “I guess it’s Atlantis…and more suburbs,” the narrator says.

By reviewing his previous videos, viewers ignored his arguments.


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